50 Years – Many Reasons to Celebrate

Our History

It isn't only our family that has grown over the past 50 years. Our Walchhofer tourism businesses and the village of Zauchensee have also kept developing unabated. Working hard, building, expanding. We are so pleased that we are able to evolve step by step. The initial 150 beds of our youth hostel have now transformed into 175 guest rooms and 48 employee rooms at our 3 hotels.

Zauchensee 1936
Zauchensee 1936


Zauchensee 1962
Zauchensee 1962


Zauchensee 1964
Zauchensee 1964


50 Jahre Walchhofer Jubilaeum 1
50 Jahre Walchhofer Jubilaeum 1


The development of our hotel businesses in Zauchensee

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 1968

opens as an inn and youth hostel with 150 beds

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 1972

addition of the terrace and Almbar

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 1975

addition of 20 more hotel rooms

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 1982

hotel expanded to 44 rooms in total, Schneelöchl ski restaurant is opened

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 1987

the first umbrella bar is built, 7 m in diameter

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 1991

addition of the tower and bowling lanes,

Almbar is remodeled

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 1992

addition of Rupi's Café

Hotel Zentral: 1996 – 98

built as a "Hotel Garni" with 30 rooms

Hotel Zentral: 1997

opening of the new umbrella bar together with the Rosskopfbahn

Hotel Zentral: 2000

now operated as a hotel offering half board

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2002

addition of a swimming pool, underground garage, expansion of the restaurant

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2003

addition of 22 new rooms, seminar room, renovation of all existing rooms

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2004

construction of a connecting walkway with fitness room

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2005

new wellness area on the ground floor

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2007

addition of a children’s swimming pool including wellness area, expansion of the Schneelöchl

Hotel Zentral: 2007

remodeling and expansion of the wellness area

Hotel Zentral: 2008

expansion of the umbrella bar

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2008

terrace with canopy roofing for the Schneelöchl

Hotel Zentral: 2009

oil and woodchip heating systems at Hotels Zentral and Zauchenseehof removed, both hotels then connected to the district heating system. At the same time, the dining room is enlarged.

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2009

first childcare provider becomes a permanent team member

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2010

closure of the youth hostel and upgrade to hotel, including 14 additional rooms and the 2-storey BOBO play area

Hotel Zentral: 2012

new wooden flooring for all rooms

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2013

the Zauchenseehof becomes a Familotel

Hotel Sportwelt: 2013 – 14

built new, opening as a hotel with 65 rooms

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2013 – 16

expansion of the office and addition of balconies to all rooms. Enlargement of the scenic pine relaxation room

Hotel Zentral: 2016

renovation of guestrooms and baths

Hotel Zentral: 2017

enlargement of the kitchen

Hotel Zauchenseehof: 2018

additions to the café and south tower, expansion by 600 m² of the BOBO play area to 4 floors – now over 1000 m² in total

Hotel Zentral: 2018

photovoltaic system generating 26 kWp